1. MyGap Certification.


Premium Quality with MyGap Certification

Our products (such as Red Snapper, Golden Snapper, Golden Pomfret, Grouper, and Dragon Grouper) are in compliance with MyGap certification which is aimed at aquaculture production assuring its safety for consumption and quality without compromising the environment, the animal’s welfare and occupational health and safety. 

Benefits of having MyGap Certifications:

  • Environmentally friendly aquaculture maintained
  • Increased aquaculture productivity
  • Production of quality products that are safe for consumption
  • Safety and welfare of workers secured

With the MyGap certification, your confidence is guaranteed with us with the assurance of our compliance to meet this high standard, which is rare amongst most seafood farms.


    2. HACCP

    Most of our premium products are in compliance with HACCP certification by the Ministry of Health Malaysia, which ensures food safety assurance system. This benefits both the consumers and the business processing or preparing the food. The FDA lists the following advantages for businesses:

    • reduction in product loss
    • increase in product quality
    • better control of product inventory
    • consistency in product preparation
    • increase in employee awareness and participation in food safety.

    Adherence to HACCP principles also open new markets for businesses. They do so by introducing them to other companies that seek high quality products and trade where compliance with internationally recognized standards are required.


    3. HALAL

    Malaysia’s ‘Halal Certified’ stamp on a label is seen as a sign of trustworthiness indicating genuineness by Muslims. This also guarantee that most of our products are from clean and safe resources.